“When God calls people, He connects them to a place.”

– Rev. C. John Weborg

We want to expand our existing facility so we can welcome people who do not currently attend ECC Princeton, deepen relationships with those who do already attend, and invest in the future of generations to come.

“When God calls people, he connects them to a place.” – Rev. C. John Weborg

We want to expand our existing facility so we can welcome people who do not currently attend ECC Princeton, deepen relationships with those who do already attend, and invest in the future of generations to come.


September 24, 2023: Groundbreaking Service

This Sunday, our worship service will include a ground-breaking as we get ready to excavate the site for our new building. We hope that everyone who calls this church home will join us for this celebratory day!

Here’s what to expect. 

We will gather at 9:00 am as usual, but the indoor portion of our service will be shortened. (The nursery and preschool MissionKids classes will meet, but elementary MissionKids will stay with the congregation.) Everyone (all ages) will be invited to go outside for the ground-breaking portion of the service. As a whole congregation, using ropes tied to a shovel, we will together break the ground and ask for God’s blessing upon this building project. Refreshments will be served outside.

[Note about the weather: We will do this ground-breaking rain or shine.  Don’t wear your nicest clothes: it’s casual Sunday! Come with shoes that can get a little mud on them…and bring an umbrella! If the weather is nice or mildly rainy, we will move forward as planned. If the weather is simply horrible, we will still invite all who are willing to join us outside. We will livestream what’s going on outside back into the sanctuary. Afterwards, refreshments will be served for all down in the fellowship hall.]

Remember: this journey is all about mission. God has called us to be a community that invites people of all ages and backgrounds into a growing relationship with Christ.  We want to build a building that will allow us to create better space for hospitality and discipleship so that we can continue with our mission to our city and region.  This Sunday is an important step in that mission, so please join us.  (If you desire to give toward this building project, please see the giving information at the bottom of this page.)

September 10, 2023: Service of Thanksgiving

After the morning’s worship service, we gathered outside in the yard between the Youth House on Pleasant Street and the Happy Hands playground. Pastor Derek read from Ecclesiastes 3, which reminds us that “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…a time to tear down and a time to build…” We shared memories of the ways God has used the house to build the faith of students and adults, particularly through the ministries of the youth pastors we’ve been given over the years. We thanked God for his faithfulness and provision. It was a helpful time of acknowledging the mixed emotions of letting go of one thing in order to receive what is being given next. The following Monday and Tuesday, the Pleasant Street house, garage, and shed were torn down, and the playground equipment removed.

April 2, 2023: Congregational Meeting

On Palm Sunday, we gathered in the Fellowship Hall to learn more about updated project costs and potential financing options. We were encouraged to hear that our current cash on-hand and pledge amounts are now just over $1.5 million, with pledges coming in slightly ahead of schedule and additional gifts being made as the project start date nears. We shared our perspectives on the projected expenses and potential financing options with each other in small table groups as well as open discussion as a whole. At the meeting’s end, we voted to authorize the drawing of final construction plans, which will help us get firmer project cost numbers, and then to decide the best plan for financing.

April 10, 2022: First Fruits Sunday

What an exciting day! On Palm Sunday, we brought our first gifts for the capital campaign, as well as our commitment cards indicating our plans for giving over the next three years. Thanks be to God, a total of $985,000 (gifts and pledges) was raised… which is over 80% of our goal! We celebrated this milestone at a special reception following the morning’s service. We expect gifts and pledges will continue to come in over the next few weeks, and encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us, if you have not already done so. Read further to get involved and help us finish the campaign well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we launching a capital campaign?

In the last several years, we have outgrown our ministry spaces. Children, students, and adults who participated in Wednesday night ministries have been squeezed into every available room. Attendance at Vacation Bible School has had to be capped. The Youth House only holds 15 students (and also need significant structural repairs and updates). All-church meals can be safely held in the Fellowship Hall only if less than 90 people participate. Restrooms are not ADA compliant.

What are we building?

With God’s help, we plan to build a new facility west of the alley behind the church, and also to repurpose several rooms in our current building. The new facility will include a large space in which we can prepare and enjoy meals together, welcome our community, and provide gathering and activity space for all ages. It will also include 4 new classrooms, fully equipped kitchen, storage and multi-use space.

How much will it cost?

Current estimates are 2.5-2.7 million to construct a 12,000 square foot facility west of the alley. We hope to raise 1.5 million through this capital campaign, and to fund the remainder of this project through existing savings, funds and a mortgage.

When will the building be done?

As of April 2023, our groundbreaking date is getting closer, as construction drawings are being completed and bids are solicited.  Fundraising via the capital campaign continues with the commitment to raise over 50% of the project cost before starting construction.

How can I help?

  • PRAY for God’s direction both as individuals and as a church body! Prayer opportunities include the 40 Days of Prayer, Prayer Journey and 12 Hours of Prayer. You can pick up a prayer guide at the church or view the guide here. Just now, we’re particularly praying for the work of the Building Team, architects, and the contractors submitting bids.
    COMPLETE a Commitment Card below (or contact the church office). You may also give online here. 

We ask everyone who calls ECC Princeton home to prayerfully consider giving sacrificially for a 3-year period, over and above regular general fund and mission support. For more information, please view our Growing the Mission brochure.

Commitment Card